Good Provisions paired with a solid Handcraft Crew's reaction

  • All officers & crew loved this training as well as we enjoyed very good food.
  • Cook performed to his best & was very appreciated.
  • Very interesting and educational to cooks on board and other interested crew.
  • Our very good chief cook showed his ability to prepare the basic cooking of 8 Intl. Fresh Soups in a very nice and tasty way.
  • Excellent training program, it enhances the cooking ability of the cook, also interesting to other crew who are interested in cooking.
  • Please issue a certificate for the chief cook and the messman.
  • Cook was eager to learn new recipes & enjoyed the course.
  • He is already asking for the next opportunity.
  • This course was decided only for officer side, since Filipinos did not eat so much potatoes.
  • We have whole fleet with Octopus and everybody is happy.
  • The training for cooking will develop the cooking skills for every chief cook and will add ideas to prepare food for the crew with pleasure and smiles.

„For a detailed description please do not hesitate to ask for our project services brochure.”